Please contact us at with the company’s information from where the purchase has taken place in order for us to facilitate the exchange of FFL paperwork. Once both parties have the proper documentation the firearm will be shipped to us. We will contact you when the firearm arrives to setup an appointment to complete the transfer process. It is expected that firearms be picked up within 14 days of initial contact, if the transfer has not been picked up the customer will be charged a daily storage fee of $29.99 per day beginning on the 15th day. 

PRIVATE PARTY TRANSFERS please call 610-927-5547 to schedule an appointment.

  • FFL or Private Party Transfers $24.99/Non-Members
  • FFL or Private Party Transfers $19.99/Members
  • PICS Check Fee (Firearm purchased through CP Tactical) $19.99
  • NFA FEE $99.99

If you are planning to purchase or transfer a firearm, please ensure your ID is valid and reflects your current address.