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We are proud to offer a variety of firearm courses. We also offer women-only courses including private lessons.


October 1st, 2022 – 9:00am-3:00pm

Designed for the new shooter, or those looking to make sure their basic skills are solid.

Topics Covered:

– Firearms safety
– Types of handguns and how they work
– Principals of marksmanship
– How to clean your firearm
– How to safely store your firearms

The class is taught in a unique hands on format to speed learning and enhance retention of the course matter. The class consists of both classroom and live fire portions.


Instructor: Erik Schwendeman

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October 2nd, 2022 – 8:00am-12:00pm


Defending your community should be looked at in a holistic manner.  You’re more likely to run across a medical emergency than you are an active killer event. Become certified in basic wound and injury care and basic CPR and Rescue breathing skills. Learn how to operate an AED and receive a 2 year certification (that is recognized by OSHA).  This course includes hands-on training. 


Taught by ASHI and AHA Faculty member, Dave Chang.


Price: $70.00 (if taken alone, $65 if taken with ABC)


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October 2nd, 2022 – 12:30pm-3:00pm
If you participate in shooting sports, this is a “must know” skill. 
Learn life saving skills designed to address traumatic bleeding wounds. Learn how to correctly use tools such as compression dressings, tourniquets, and hemostatic dressings. Certification is good for 2 years. Includes hands-on training.
Taught by ASHI Faculty member and AHA instructor, Dave Chang
Price: $50.00 (if taken alone, $35 if taken with CPR)

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October 2nd, 2022 – 3:30pm-5:30pm

This informational course will cover the different “levels” and types of medical kits, what equipment is critical for your kit (what is appropriate and not appropriate), and “best” methods of carry. By the end of this session, you will know what to pack in your medical kit, where to get the supplies, and the best options for carrying your different kits.
There are no prerequisites for this course.

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October 8th, 2022 – 8:00am-11:00am

Focused more on range time and live fire than classroom
presentation. This course will begin with a short discussion on safety and eqipment and quickly get into
some draw and dry fire techniques before going live on the range.

This course layers on top of Basic Pistol Level 1 Instruction focusing on more dynamic drills to
effectively shoot, reload, use cover, movement, addressing multiple threats (up close and at different
short range distances) and room clearances. There are several drills to make the student more aware
and efficient in his or her capabilities with a pistol to have the advantage when it comes to self-defense.

This course is taught by Matthew Planer and Michael Wiley, both with Law Enforcement tactical
instruction background and extensive training skills. Matt instructs dozens of officers every year in
Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Dynamic Shooting, each with almost 20 years of experience in Law
Enforcement instruction. Mike has been a member of the Berks County SWAT team (BCERT) for a
decade as well as a firearms instructor for his home agency for eight years and is an adjunct professor in
criminal justice. Both Matt and Mike have the goal of putting the student first and maximizing their
abilities with firearms

Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Instruction, or Personal Instruction of at least three hours.
Equipment: Safety gear (preferably electronic ears, safety eyewear, a padded mat for floor or ground,
ball cap, tight collared shirt). EACH STUDENT MUST BRING HIS/HER OWN PISTOL, HOLSTER,
AT LEAST 150 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION. Recommended that ammo is purchased before the


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NRA Basic Pistol Course

October 15th, 2022 – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation  

Course topics include

  • gun safety rules
  • proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • ammunition knowledge and selection
  • pistol selection and storage
  • shooting fundamentals
  • pistol inspection and maintenance
  • marksmanship  
  • shooting range safety

Additionally, students will complete live fire training and a nationally standardized shooting qualification while on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor.

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October 16th, 2022 – 8:00am-6:00pm
This course is an entry-level training and shooting course for students who want to learn the safe, responsible, and practical use of shotguns. Students will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a shotgun safely. 

This course consists of classroom presentation, hands-on drills, and live fire range qualification. Students will receive the NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting training book and a course completion certificate.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Fundamentals of shotgun shooting
  • application of the rules of safe gun handling
  • mechanical operation of pump, semi-automatic, hinged, and bolt action shotguns
  • shotgun ammunition components
  • loading and unloading
  • shooting positions
  • stoppages
  • safe storage
  • shotgun cleaning
  • basic marksmanship skills.

Required equipment:

  • Hearing Protection (electronic/noise cancelling type recommended)
  • Eye Protection (shooting/safety/ballistic type recommended)
  • Billed Hat (baseball cap or similar style)
  • Sturdy Footwear (closed toe boots/athletic shoes – no open toe shoes/sandals/flip-flops)
  • Crew Neck Style Shirts (short or long sleeve – no tank tops or low cut shirts)
  • Appropriate Weather Clothing/Gear (wet and/or cold weather clothing/footwear if applicable)
  • Serviceable Pump, Semi-automatic, hinge, or bolt action Shotgun with shoulder stock
  • 25 Rounds of #7.5 or #8 Shot, 5 Rounds 00 Buck, 5 Slugs, (gauge specific to the shotgun being used – factory loaded only, no reloads)
  • Cleaning Kit (specific to the shotgun being used)
  • Food/Snacks (lunch/breaks)
  • Water/Sports Drink (for the duration of the course)
  • Note Taking Materials

Taught by NRA Certified Instructor, Dave Chang

Please contact the instructor at cdc123abc@gmail.com with questions

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October 29th, 2022 – 8:00am-12:00pm

Building on what you learned in PRD102

  • continue to work body positioning, grip, and head position and its impact on finding the dot
  • consistent presentation (whether from holster or not) and speed
  • continue to work on downed optic drills
  • begin to incorporate incapacitated shooter techniques and drills

This is a shooting course and approximately 200-300 rounds is recommended. HOWEVER, bring what you can afford to shoot.

The techniques and the knowledge that you will gain are what is most important, not making the gun go “bang”. 

A basic understanding of coming out of a holster is a plus. If you do not have a holster, a table will be provided for you to work from. 

Attendance in 102 is not required, but HIGHLY recommended.

Equipment required: Firearm, functioning red dot, magazines, ammo, eye and ear protection, and a brimmed hat, 200-300 rounds.  

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*ask about our discounted ammo pricing if you pay for the course



November 6th & 13th, 2022 – 8:00am-5:00pm


The NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course is an INSTRUCTOR LEVEL CERTIFICATION COURSE and is designed to enable individuals with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude to become certified NRA Basic Pistol curriculum instructors.  In order to be eligible for this course, you must have taken NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led training and provide documentation of this completion. You must also complete a skills evaluation which includes a shooting test, done with a service caliber firearm (no .22’s).   This “pre-qual” must be completed before the first day of class.


This course includes BIT (Saturday).  If you have not taken BIT within the last 12 months, you must attend Saturday in order to be eligible for certification.  

Please bring food, drink, note taking device, visual aids, pistol cleaning kit,  .22 firearm, service caliber firearm, ammo (NO LIVE AMMO in the classroom). 


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October 20th, 2022 – 8:00am-12:00pm
Go beyond the square range. As Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon, “Boards don’t hit back””. Go beyond what you have learned in your standard training and put it into practice against other students.  In a well controlled and safe environment, you will experience different scenarios and decision making under stress.  We will debrief the scenarios and discuss good and bad points.  There is specific equipment needed for this course

You will need specific gear for this training:
you will need either:  an airsoft gun or a maker specific paint marker
Please note the items listed below are examples.
Email us if you have questions or if you live where it is ILLEGAL to own these (like Philly or NJ)

An Airsoft or BB Gun version of your carry gun (so it will fit in your holster).  Something like this: https://amzn.to/3wVYIwS or this: https://amzn.to/3GpwGN6 or https://amzn.to/3wU7dZ3
Airsoft ammo (6mm- specific to airsoft units) or PLASTIC BB’s (4.5mm- specific to BB guns)  Sig makes an airsoft p365: https://amzn.to/3dZ5wCN

You could also use a gun specific paint marker like: https://amzn.to/3MUCCjG or  https://amzn.to/3NwJSSS

Full face protection like this: https://amzn.to/3ANGbom, https://amzn.to/3wU8FcP or this: https://amzn.to/3GrdQFn  just remember, paintball paint will get through the mesh

Clothes you don’t care about (in case you have to kneel or go prone or someone is using one of the paint markers)  but dress like you would conceal carry.

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November 26th, 2022 – 8:00am-12:00pm

Want to run your Red Dot Pistol better than anyone you know? This is the class for you. Learn techniques, developed by the Sig Sauer Academy, which are taught to military and law enforcement personnel worldwide.  

  • build on what you learned in PRD103
  • continue to work body positioning, grip, and head position and its impact on finding the dot
  • continue to work on consistent presentation (whether from holster or not) and speed
  • continue to work on downed optic drills and incapacitated shooter drills  
  • begin to incorporate non-traditional platform shooting drills and malfunction drills 

This is a shooting course and approximately 300 rounds is recommended. HOWEVER, bring what you can afford to shoot. 

A basic understanding of coming out of a holster is a plus. If you do not have a holster, a table will be provided for you to work from. 

Attendance in PRD 102 or an equivalent course is required  

Previous attendance in PRD 103 or equivalent course is not required but STRONGLY recommended

Equipment required: Firearm, functioning red dot, knee pads, elbow pads (optional), old cushion (that you can get dirty without getting in trouble) magazines, ammo, eye and ear protection, and a brimmed hat, 300-400 rounds. 

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*ask about our discounted ammo pricing if you pay for the course


November 4th, 2022 – 8:00am-11:00am
Time to take your skill set to the next level and go beyond the “”Square Range”.
So, you’ve trained in the fundamentals, now start applying them.  Scenario Based Training 101 will introduce shooters to various stress inoculation drills and scenarios pulled from real life events. Scenario based training has been shown to increase decisiveness, assertiveness, and speed under stress.  

Pre-requisites: You must have taken prior training up to an “”intermediate”” level in the firearm that you plan on using.  This included: NRA CCW, CDC’s Intro to Defensive Firearms/Defensive Pistol series (past 102 level), DSI Tier 4 Handgun Combatives class, CDT’s Basic Concealed Carry Handgun series, USCCA’s instructor led course, Absolute Dynamic’s Level 1 pistol course, VinCo’s Gunfighter courses, CP Tactical’s CP101/102 course, etc.

Email cdc123abc@gmail.com if you have eligibility questions.

SBT101 focuses on Defensive Handgun Skills. 
No Rifles and No Shotguns
200 rounds required, at least 3 magazines, quality holster (no serpa style or soft uncle mike’s style), brimmed hat. Eye and ear protection

Dress how you would carry your gun in real life

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Women-only event.

Ladies will shoot for the first half of the night in the range. The second half is spent upstairs in the classroom enjoying refreshments. Cost includes; firearm rental, ammo, targets, and refreshments. Prizes are awarded to winners of each group, which is determined by experience level.

Next Ladies Night 

6:00pm to 9:00pm

Private Lessons

*in high demand*

Focus on your specific needs or skillset.

We offer one-on-one private instruction with a variety of skilled instructors that can get you to where you want to be. 

Included: Firearm of choice, targets, eye/ear protection are included with lesson. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Personal firearm may be used for lesson.



Single Person Package:

  • $99 for one lesson
  • $249 for three lessons
  • $399 for five lessons
  • $70 Refresh Session *experienced shooter

Couples Package:

  • $149 for one lesson
  • $349 for three lessons
  • $549 for five lessons
  • $109 Refresh Session *experienced shooters


*Please note: 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required*

Please schedule at least one week in advance.

Stop by our shop or give us a call to schedule your appointment today! Due to a high volume of private instruction requests, please schedule your appointment for AT LEAST a week in advance.


MONDAY: 11-7: Shop and range open to the public
TUESDAY: 11-5: MEMBER RANGE TIME ONLY. Shop open to the public
WEDNESDAY: 11-5: Shop and range open to the public
THURSDAY: 11-5:Shop and range open to the public
FRIDAY: 11-7: Shop and range open to the public
SATURDAY: 11-7: Shop and range open to the public
SUNDAY: 11-7: Shop and range open to the public


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