This is a new training program offered at CP Tactical. Our Instructors will teach you a skill set and put you through a series of drills to reinforce the skill.

These are short, hour long sessions to provide you the periodic practice you need to maintain and grow your gun handling skills. Check our events calendar, Facebook page, or call the shop for specific skills session date (they change weekly)!

Equipment : 100-150 rounds ( Ammo is expensive right now if you can’t spare that much right now, bring what you can. We will adapt your shot count as necessary)

Dry Fire Clinic

With the price of ammo through the roof, it can be hard to budget your training. World class competitors and tacticians swear by dryfire but how do you maximize the potential of this often under appreciated, underutilized form of training? Our Instructors will teach you how to set up a fun, productive dryfire training plan that will allow you to sharpen your skills without spending a lot on ammo 






Pistol Malfunctions

Instructors will review the common causes of pistol malfunctions, address how to avoid them and how to clear a malfunction. Instructors will then lead you through a series of drills to ingrain your ability to clear a malfunction under stress


Trigger Prepping

Learn how to dramatically increase your speed and accuracy from one shot to the next by mastering trigger prep and reset. While most of our Skills and Drills classes appeal to all levels of shooters, this one is geared to intermediate and advanced shooters. If you question that this class is right for you please reach out to the instructors. NOTE: this is an extended class that lasts for 90 minutes and requires a minimum of 150 rounds


Handheld & Pistol Mounted Lights

Instructors will review several types of lighting solutions for handgun operators, covering the strength and weaknesses for each and presenting tactics to maximize the effectiveness of these critical tools

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Coming Soon…

More Skills and Drills!