Practical Self Defense Skills Training

Our academy is designed to take shooters at all levels through the training necessary to be a well rounded firearm operator. Train class by class or take the plunge and experience the entire academy! Are you ready to get serious with your skills?

Back To Basics

Learn skills necessary to safely operate a handgun.


Combat Pistol

Take your skills to the next level and learn the basics of self defense.


Home Defense

Implement strategies to protect your family at home.


Skill Builders

Coming Soon!

Bite Sized Courses Designed To Teach Practical Skills

Hard Work and Training, There’s No Secret Formula

Ronnie Coleman

Dry Fire Clinic

Four hour class on the fundamentals of shooting.

Own The Night

Four hour class on handheld and weapon mounted lights

Speed Builder

Focus on speeding up the time between shots

Situational Awareness

Learn to recognize and avoid threats.

Long Gun Optics

How to outfit your rifle for accuracy in all environments

Hand Gun Optics

Find the best setup for a variety of pistol types