Self Defense - CP 102

Put your skills into action.

CP102- Run the gun!

Our level 2 course picks up where our level 1 ends. After a safety  and marksmanship review, we begin to address clearing malfunctions, reloads, shooting multiple targets, shooting from different positions, and movement.  The goal of the class is for students to develop the skills they need to run a gun.

This class is not for the beginning shooter. If you are considering this class and have not attended CP101 or other formal training with the type of gun you are bringing to class, please contact one of our instructors and we would be glad to discuss the class further with you to see if it will be a good fit.

Topics covered:
– Safe gun handling
– Tactical and emergency reloads
– Clearing malfunctions
– Transitioning between targets
– Shooting from different positions
– Movement

Things to bring:
– Note taking supplies
– Snack and beverage
– Positive attitude
– Firearm
– Holster or case
– 200 rounds of ammunition
– Eye and ear protection