Home Defense - CP 103

It’s Your Castle,
Learn To Defend It

CP103- Application

Our Application course takes the weapon handling skills you have developed and teaches you how to apply them to a home protection scenario.

After a detailed safety lesson that covers the safety implications of using a loaded firearm in a residential setting, students will be placed in a 3D environment where they can drill the skills they may need to protect their home. The class will be full of hands on experiments that look at safety concerns, the difference between cover and concealment, practical safe weapons storage and many other topics.

Topics covered:

– Avoiding home intrusion
– Firearms safety in a residential setting 
– Practical safe firearm storage
– Bullets vs modern building materials
– Cover vs concealment
– Setting up a home defense plan
– Implementation of your home defense plan
– Things to consider



CP 101 or equivalent training required. CP102 greatly preferred. If you have a question about prerequisites please contact an instructor.


Students should bring:

– Note taking materials
– A snack and beverage
– Old clothing that you can throw out
– Firearm ( handgun-unless you have made other arrangements with an instructor)
– 50 rounds of  target ammunition
-25 rounds of defense ammunition
– Eye and ear protection

– Small gun safe
– Flashlight
– Other personally maintained home protection gear. ( within reason- nothing mechanized)